CubeEdge 02

CubeEdge02 is a Kraft board notebook with collapsible pen compartment. With its innovative structure, a pen can stay with the notebook securely and decently in all circumstances.

The pen compartment is the extension of the Kraft cover, so you won’t see any extra structure.

When you don’t need the pen compartment, it collapses down to save space.

By pushing the side of the spine, an oblong-shape pen compartment forms immediately and a pen can be safely kept in.

By easy trimming, the pen compartment fits all kinds of clip pens.

350gsm Kraft board cover ensures the durability of CubeEdge02 in many environments.

120gsm wood-free paper has a good performance for ink or pencil.

No feathering or bleeding.

CubeEdge02 is a notebook that can stand up to heavy use. The secure binding and firm structure are strong enough to prevent pages falling apart. Its sturdy Kraft board cover will protect its innards from harsh environments.

Saddle stitch binding ensures every inch of paper can be used, in particular the space between pages.

Blank cover allows you to customize your own notebook.

You can draw your unique cover, or put dates and titles on the cover for organizing.

From the package to the thread stitches, every part of a CubeEdge02 is environmental friendly.

CubeEdge 02

8 in. x 6-1/4 in.  62pages

US$ 29.00 (3 books)

Free shipping in North America

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