Pen & Notebook

A notebook and a pen should stay together all the time. But in reality, we can hardly find a notebook with well-designed pen holder. Back in 2002, designer Quan Liu was fed up with this situation, he decided to make his own notebook for his daily design work.

After 20 years of development, lq notebook has many products and each of them insists on solving the original problem, which is to make sure the pen goes with the notebook properly. This also becomes lq notebooks’ iconic character.

Good Design

Paper is the soul of a notebook. Hence paper becomes inspiration source of our notebook making. Whether the characteristic of each kind of paper, such as no-bleeding paper or heavy-weight water color paper, or the art of paper folding and book binding, paper always shows us the way to create unique notebooks.

Balance is our design philosophy. A good notebook should have the ability to balance all factors, such as function, aesthetic, structure, and material. We only share the best-balanced designs to the world.

Environmental Care

If one product cannot fulfill her mission, then no matter how environmental-friendly the material or procedure it uses, it is not environmental-friendly. So, principally, we make sure the products can be used well, then consider how to make the process environmental-friendly, how to use the appropriate material, and choose the right suppliers.

Like many other responsible brands, we control our product from the source by selecting paper mills which comply with international environmental preservation standard as our suppliers, including Conqueror, Antalis and Hiap Moh.

Wholesale Orders

lq notebook welcomes retailers from any locations in the world. Our products have a good reputation around designers and drive traffic and sales in stationery stores, bookstores, museum shops, cafes and other unique places.

If you want to become a wholesaler of lq notebook, or you want more information on wholesaling and distribution, please feel free to contact us: lqnotebook2002@gmail.com